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Our Story
Started in 2003, as a part-time business with very few clients and many available hours for research Designs For Me set out to change the Internet.  Evolving from a designer's playground once called Orbital Fusion Labs, Designs For Me started using their knowledge and expertise to update the internet.  The Internet changes as fast as normal technology and fashion changes, what is in one day is out the next.  We at Designs For Me strive to stay cutting edge with new technologies and new web standards. We believe in a high level of customer service, when it comes to our customers we like to put them first.  For example, if the customer wants to talk to the owner, he or she can; or if the customer wants to talk with the designer directly, he or she can.  We are a small company with huge imaginations.  Whatever you want our designers can dream it up.

Designs For Me is your source for pre-made templates and logos.  We at Designs For Me strive to go above and beyond expectations, we do this with our made-from-scratch designs and our level of customer service.

Our Mission is to bring talent and technology to the web without compromising our personability and customer service.

An accessible internet for all.  An internet that is up-to-date, by bringing the internet to 2.0 and beyond.

Designs For Me, uses their technology and talent to assist non-profits and not-for-profit companies.


Some of our options:

Designs: Made from scratch design services for websites, logos, and identity products.

Portfolio/Resumes: Your online identity is your most accessible asset. With an online resume you can place a link to it in emails, business cards, and brochures.

One Page Wonders: One page sites widely used to display portfolios or starter web pages.

Templates: Our pre-made option for customers who need something fast and right away.

Search Engine Optimization: submission services and Meta Tag / Keyword / Description analysis to get a better link placement

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